To a world of whimsical sculptures, paintings of birds, and sketches (my blog) that will bring your smile out. Little bundles of joy who would like to perch at your house.

Long ago in what seemed like a far-away galaxy, a youngish lady (that would be me) fell in love. Not with whom you would expect, but with Art.

The problem…
as it were, was that Art seemed somewhat foreign to her stock-broker and diaper-filled days. How could her eyes and hands and heart coordinate to produce beautiful things? There was no learning via the internet. No YouTube videos, only hands-on methods of learning. Just artists and art centers and school. And it was good.

And, of course …a super-talented-and-creative Spirit helper who loves to share secrets. “Just follow Me…” He said.

And the website you see here is part of the journey. I invite you to explore Art with me!
 And perhaps entice a bird to perch at home with you.

 A painting, a sculpture, a whimsical panel.

Or join me as I impart a little of what I’ve learned. Check out events, learn about Wine Flights (painting or coloring and wine parties), Sketching with God, and workshops. 

On the drawing board, how-to workshops.

Interest piqued?

I hope so! I hope you can see a bit of yourself in my story. A search for beauty and color and and a sense of joy everlasting.

 Journey with me for a bit… 

Or, even better, choose a bit of Art for your home!

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